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of a strategy that has embarrassed us and strengthened our opposition and undermined the moral authority in the region. strength requires knowledge and command. we have seen in the example a policy has hurt us strengthen our opposition and undermines the moral authority of our country. >> mr. president, the last few months it has seen as your policies in central america were beginning to work. we are confronted with the story of a cia manual which advocates not only assassinations but the hiring of criminals to assassinate the girl as we are supporting in order to create martyrs. is this not state supported terrorism? >> i am glad you asked because i know what is on many people's minds. i have ordered an investigation. we have eight gentlemen who is on contract to the cia advising on military tactics. he created this manual. it was turned over to the agency head of the cia to be printed. the number of pages were cut by that agency and he sent it to the cia were more pages were cut before it was printed. there were 12 of the original copies that got out and were not submitted for this pri
. but between us, we can either destroy the world or we can save it. and i suggested that, certainl it was to their common interest, along with ours, to avoid a conflict and to attempt to save the world and remove the nuclear weapons. and i think that perhaps we established a little better understanding. i think that in dealing withhe soviet union one has to be realistic. i know that mr. mondale, in the past, has made statements as if they were just people like ourselves, and iwe were kind and good a did something nice, they would respond accordingly. and the result was unilateral disarmament. we canceled the b-1 under the previous administration. what did we get for it? nothing. the soviet union has been engaged in the biggest military buildup in the history of man at the same time thate tried the policy of unilateral disarmament, of weakness, if you will. and now we are puttingp a defense of our own. and i've made it very plain to them, we seek no superiority. we simply are going to provide a deterrent so that it will be too costly f them if they are nursing any ideas of aggressio
i'm a little more lovable these days than i used to be back in my youth when i began in my state legislature. but i'm also a serious guy. i think the presidency of the united states is a very serious office, and i think we have to address these issues in a very serious way. so i hope and expect that i will be liked by the people of this country as president of the united states. i certainly hope i will be liked by them on the 8th of november. [laughter] but i also think it's important to be somebody who is willing to make those tough choices. now, we have just heard two or three times from the vice president he's not going to raise taxes. i repeat, within days after you made that pledge, you broke it. you said, well, maybe as a last resort we'll do it. and you supported legislation this year that's involved tax increases not once, but twice. so that pledge isn't realistic, and i think the vice president knows it. i think the people of this country know it. the fact of the matter is that the next president of the united states is going to have to go to the white house seriously, h
. the department on foreign policy and national security took place a year and a half after the u.s. led invasion of iraq. pbs host jim lehr was the moderator at the university of miami. [applause] >> to he believed he could do a better job than president bush and preventing another 9/11 type terrorist attack? >> yes, i do. but before i answer further, let me thank you for moderating. i want to thank the university of miami for hosting us. and i know the president will join me in welcoming all of florida to this debate. you've been through the roughest weeks anybody could imagine. our hearts go out to you. and we admire your pluck and perseverance. i can make american safer than president bush has made us. and i believe president bush and i both love our country equally. but we just have a different set of convictions about how you make america safe. i believe america is safest and strongest when we are leading the world and we are leading strong alliances. i'll never give a veto to any country over our security. but i also know how to lead those alliances. this president has left them in shatter
foundation. senator bentsen said, as you recall at the debate with senator quayle, that if you give any of us $200 billion worth of hot checks a year, we can create an illusion of prosperity. but sooner or later that credit card mentality isn't going to work. and i want to bring to the white house a sense of strength and fiscal responsibility which will build a good strong foundation under which this country, or above which country can move, grow, invest, and build the best america for its people and for our kids and our grandkids. >> mr. vice president, your response. >> the governor has to balance the budget in his state he is required to by law. he has raised taxes several times. i wish he would join me, as a matter of fact, in appealing to the american people for the balanced budget amendment for the federal government and for the line-item veto. [applause] i'd like to have that line-item veto for the president, because i think that would be extraordinarily helpful. and i won't do one other thing that he's had to do -- took $29 million out of his state pension fund that's equivalent at th
vociferously. they showed up in afghanistan when they were there, because they tried to beat us and they didn't. and they're showing up in iraq for the same reason. they're trying to defeat us. and if we lose our will, we lose. but if we remain strong and resolute, we will defeat this enemy. >> ninety second response, senator kerry. >> i believe in being strong and resolute and determined. and i will hunt down and kill the terrorists, wherever they are. but we also have to be smart, jim. and smart means not diverting your attention from the real war on terror in afghanistan against osama bin laden and taking if off to iraq where the 9/11 commission confirms there was no connection to 9/11 itself and saddam hussein, and where the reason for going to war was weapons of mass destruction, not the removal of saddam hussein. this president has made, i regret to say, a colossal error of judgment. and judgment is what we look for in the president of the united states of america. i'm proud that important military figures who are supporting me in this race, former chairman of the joint ch
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6